Gallery of entries for Art Show What a Doll! - Page 2 of 2

Gallery of entries for Art Show What a Doll! - Page 2 of 2: Gallery of entries for art show What a Doll!, one of our monthly exhibits of art. - Page 2 of 2
 work in the EBSQ doll show :) I have some on both pages


My Futures So Bright ?

Last year was deathy death year, my brother in law ,my estranged father & my almost 100 year old grand father..one too young, one who I never saw or talked to and one who was expected...still it's all death no matter how ya slice it. 

Maybe I was dulled to it all because there was so much , and my brother in law's was so horrible, or maybe because I was dealing with my own illness and treatment, but I never thought that much about my own death in all of this.

and then...

 I received some money from my father's estate, I wasn't expecting to , but it was nice, and allowed me to invest some for the future. I've been like a good person socking away money for retirement, which is at 65 here.

Thats when it hit me, I may, or may not be here in 15 years. I mean yes breast cancer treatment is getting better & better , and yes I am doing everything I can... but still... I cant even say I'm cancer free for 5 years. 

15 years is a long time... making decisions with money as I always have  just reminded me all my plans for the future might be null and void. I KNOW I KNOW... but it's hard not to at least prepare yourself for that possible outcome.

 I mean I know none of us get out of this game alive, but I do keep thinking about how  I have prepared for a future that may never come.


Happy Birthday Norman Reedus !!!

Because everyone deserves a birthday greeting :) Tiny Daryl Dixon needed to make a video for Norman reedus


Top 10 Reasons Why my Hubby is as cool as (possiby cooler than ) Norman Reedus...

I'm a little obsessed...I am aware of that :D it's Ok it's all in good fun, and distraction from real life crapola, of which there has been so much.

But I should point out my obsession doesn't negate the fact that my hubby is one cool mutherfucker, and really the only person I truly wanna snuggle with.

With that in mind I give you the Top Ten Reasons Why my Hubby is as cool as Norman Reedus  :P

1. See all these pictures? Yeah my hubby took them (and went to fan Expo 2 years running when he wasn't really interested in most of whats there)

FanExpo 2013FanExpo 2013 Norman Reedus FanExpo 2013 Norman ReedusFanExpo 2013 Norman ReedusFanExpo 2013 Norman ReedusFanExpo 2013 Norman ReedusFanExpo 2013 Norman Reedus
FanExpo 2012

2. He  would ask me during my Chemo treatments if I remembered "Tiny Daryl Dixon" because he knew it distracted me from the whole CHEMO thing

Tiny Daryl Dixon comes to Chemo

3. He does the Toronto Zombie walk with me..and even lets me get him zombified shouldn never have taught them about the head shot

4. He loves to be a complete doofus

WAIT FOR IT...wait for it...

5. He knows how to use a bow... no really he's been doing this since he was a kid.
more phone photos

6. He can take a joke...even when he's the butt of it...

 7. He loves his weird family unconditionally

photos from phone 08/13

8. He was actually IN Star Wars ( heh well in the digitally remastered version... and was never a Star Wars fan....his 15 seconds of fame)

9. He's completely comfortable with being a Nerd about Astronomy..

...even though he was a rock star

10. He's a home renovation GURU

Most of all because he's one of the kindest most compassionate men I know. :)