this was a commissioned doll for my friend Slipsy. I hope she likes it
HEY how did candy get in there???? Oh well she's such a camera hog.
This is a sewn synthetic weft, face paint redone, lips & chin carved 3 sets of original Blythe eyes, and one set hand painted custom eyes. I made her little outfit as well, but I bought her little bunny. I have 2 more commissions to finish on LBE's then I'm going to work on my Blythe Custom.

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My son's teacher is moving on after the march break. It's wonderful for him because he is moving on to a tech job with the board of education which is what he really wants to do. BUT it totally sux for the rest of us.


Without him my add/odd son would have been shipped out of the school into a behavioural school in grade 5.
His class is devastated, I saw the biggest toughest kids bawling their eyes out, the boys crying just as hard as the girl. It was a true testament to how good a teacher he is. He's also just a great all around person, and I LOVED talking to him when I work in the school. I'm going to miss him as much as the kids. I found myself holding back tears as the kids came out of the class, and every so often waking up wthink, awe crap Mr. Yip is going to be gone after the break.

I'm very worried about Tay, I'm worried this will set him back or that the new teacher won't "get" Tay, and we'll be back to the bad behaviour.

Why is it the people who really have the talent for teaching, want to do other things?