Burgh Baby: The Biggest One Day Contest EVER

Burgh Baby: The Biggest One Day Contest EVER
Hey Check this out
I got this information from the EBSQ Blog
Local Pittsburgh blogger BurghBaby has been using her blog to help raise funds for the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA, and she asked her friends to help out with some added incentives. EBSQ has donated one permanent account (worth $650!) You can find the details here at her blog. Good luck, and thanks for your consideration of this very worthy cause!

sounds like a good cause to me!

lil' blockheads vincent
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snerk Another in my famous artist series of lil' blockheads. I love Vincent , the hubster didn't recognize this, but it hadn't been painted yet. Hopefully he's recognizable.


Hard-Boiled Egg

Hard-Boiled Egg
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More Devilled egg gang guys. I really need to DO something with these. snerk
So I decided to try an NON-Monster style Block head...she tuned out OK I think :D
I may try her on Etsy soon


fairy5 006
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One of my impish fairies, done in acrylic on a 60 year old children's building block saved out of the school.

Should be up on etsy later this weekend

fairy5 003


I've been fiddling around with my NEW Etsy Shop. I decided to change the name of my shop. I'm trying to re-brand my work with my own name instead of wickeddollz. There's a soft pron site using that name and I'm getting tired of emails asking me if such & such a model is going to be featured. snerk.

My daughters been home sick, but I haven't been called in for work at the jobby job yet this week so thats a relief. It;s also afforded me the time to actually work on all this stuff.

I entered a photograph for the photocontest this weeks theme is Identity this is my entry you can see it in the contest HERE
This was fun. My shoes are part of my Identity. I'm enjoying looking at everyone's view of themselves. :D

If you follow my blog you'll also have seen my Lil' monsters :D I'm hoping to have these crazy little characters ready for Etsy, or possibly Ebay, (Ebay.ca is having a 5 cent listing day today. But I'm not sure if I can get it together to list them :/ ) I'm having fun with them too

I also continued the ZOMBIE CHICKEN joke thats been going on over at the EBSQ forum ( sorry the jokes in the members section) with a quick photoshop zombified chicken

SO I'll be around today. Hopefully making and listing more art, generally taking care of a sick and drink far too much coffee.

ah coffee you elixir of life

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Hey I won a place in the Colour my World Daily Group Thats pretty cool

"Congrats! Your photo is a colour of the week shot at the Color My World Daily group! Your photo will be on the main page until next week."


Lil' monsters all 3
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My tiny monsters. These are acrylic on old children blocks. The blocks came out of the school and are about 60 years old. They have been lightly sanded then 2 coats of gesso then paint. I still have to seal them in gloss, but other than that they are finished.
More on the way
Please tell me if you have a favourite monster!

wanted bratz feet

wanted bratz feet
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any condition, any style, mismatched, chewed whatever they will be painted etc.


devil-egg gang 2
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I like this face better, it's more in the weird-oh vein
Simple things people say around me leads me to ideas. Friends of my husband and mine were all wolfing down the devilled eggs earlier this summer, and one piped up with.
I guess we should call our selves the "devilled egg gang" which lead me to this whole idea of a weird-ohs big daddy roth style gang on biker eggs. He's still too cute right now


still figuring out how to costume her.
More images on my flicker : http://www.flickr.com/photos/wickeddollz/?saved=1


My latest dime store dolly Zombie Girl.
come visit my flickr for more images.