so what did the school do when someone pushed and hit my son?
1/2 day in school suspension
1/2 day ( the afternoon is a whopping 2 hrs btw) home suspension
he can't go to the badminton tournament ,apparently a big deal to him...
I've been fighting all morning with the school about this, hearing about their "restorative consequences" for this child.
How he will have to brain storm about what he did wrong blah blah fucking blah.

I am so incredibly hurt and pissed off I have bent over backwards for that school and this fucking kid was back there before 3:30 by himself to pick up his stuff, his parents were suppose to come with him, but did they NO...so all this "co-operation" from his parents is suppose to be done too...will it? no. thats pretty obvious.
Is this the first time this kid has done anything like this? no.
I know a parent who finally moved their child to another school because of this kid.

smirked at me in the hall when I passed him this morning

So fuck you school , fuck you very much for all the support and help you have been, glad I've gone out of my way to help you at every turn only to get shit on for my efforts, glad my son will get to be in the same hallway as this kid without seeing any consequences that kid had , even though he's been "consequenced "to death by the fucking school.

Good to know when you have an identified child and work really hard to make both the school and your child happy you are so richly rewarded.