Sheila "Squiddy" Ms Squidderson EBSQ "Squid show entry"

Media: mixed media photoshop
Dimensions: 7 x10
Date of Work: 2009

Squid Girl (Shelia "Squiddy" Mc Squiderson) is mt fantasy creature who swims in the ocean of my brain. She seems a little annoyed today, who knows why she's quite changeable , much like the sea.

This is a combination of my sketch modified in photoshop with an added collage element of "Goldie" the gold fish>What HE's doing in the OCEAN is again just "because". I take no responsibility for the characters who live in my head. credit where credit is due: gold fish from phantompanther-stock.deviantart.com/ thank you


asian kawaii NFAC entry EBAY tonight @ 7pm est

asian kawaii NFAC entry
Originally uploaded by wickeddollz
This is one in my series of Blythe portraits. I chose this image for this months Nibblefest "Asian Inspired" for two reasons
1) I love the whole Kawaii cute moment in the low brow kitsch art world
2) becuase Asian Butterfly was my first Blythe I collected, and will always adore her best of all.

WHY is there a duck in the painting??? Well why not? I like ducks and everyone needs a friend to share the spring cherry blossoms with.Besides ducks don't talk back and they are nice and yellow.

painted on wrapped canvas with the sides painted black there is no need to frame this piece. It's smaller size makes it perfect to display in an apartment, or if your like me on a wall already covered with great art! There's always room for Jello.... and great paintings!
This is my entry in the Nibblefest Art Contest, a themed art contest beginning on the 20th of each month. Please be sure to search for NFAC to see more great entries, each starting at just 99¢. Thanks!


day of the dead altered art doll

new piece for the dime store dollies project.
Feel free to drop me a comment on what ya think!


collage for steampunk show on ebsq

Portraits of Artists from Archives Of American Art, Smithsonian Institution
A WIP for the Steam Punk show on EBSQ

credit where credit id due
Thanks for the stock images from the people on Deviant art below.

beetle from racehorse87-stock
key from ~strwberrystk
bee =Wu-KillahD
wiring from ~brujo
butterfly from ~kayne-stock

child photo from: Portraits of Artists from Archives Of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

original image taken from the commons


I wish I could get a new location, location, location

I am not a suburban house wife...I am a woman who ended up living in the hell of suburbia.

My favorite line from 'Monty Python the Holy Grail'

"That rabbit's dynamite!!!"

steampunk WIP 2 I'm in Love with a Clockworks Girl

2nd sketch working on adding some colour in photoshop..lots let to do, not sure I actually do decent work in Photoshop.
I may transfer with my light board then hand colour it with prismacolor pencils...still deciding.