OK so first let me say I am not a parent of the bubble wrap persuasion. I do not keep my kids so close that they never get to experience riding the bike down to a friends or off to the park.

That being said last night I spent and hour driving around looking for my son who "disappeared" on his bike around 4:30. I'm used to him taking off , thats cool.I have told him and told him IF he goes to a friends please call me and let me know where you are., so as 6:30 rolled around with still no sign of him , I started by calling everyone I could think of asking if he had showed up.

NADDA no one had seen him.

By about 7:15 I got in the car and started diving around the streets where I know his friends live.No Bike no sign of him.

By 7:45 I started going places I didn't THINK he would go by where he MIGHT have gone. Back to the school to the play ground area behind the school, over to streets where friends are but he rarely visits.

By 8:00pm the street lights started coming on. At this point I've begun to loose my cool. EVERY freakin book or TV show or movie I have ever seen with child abduction in it starts playing through my head. A nose came out of my throat I don't think I've ever made before.

By 8:15 I called home ( again) still no Taylor, Hubby can hear I'm starting to lose it and tells me to come home. I am figuring out which is the most recent picture I have of Tay is, trying to remember exactly what he was wearing, how much he weighs how tall he is.

2min later my cell rings and he's home. (THANK GOD!)

He was at a friends forgot to call didn't remember the time. WHAT PARENT LETS A KID STAY TILL 8pm without CALLING HOME????

Tay was upset too, I think it totally shocked him how scared I was. Like I said I don't get scared about this stuff. I don't think he'll ever forget to call home again. No one was mad at him we wwere just scared sh*tless