If I could tame a wild animal

A monkey... who couldn't answer an monkey. Although I suppose the poo throwing could be a problem.

Maybe just Sea Monkeys then? But only if they look like the package!

I recommend checking out Day f the Dead festivals Sugar Skulls what could be better??? when you're in Mexico

OK why when I type in MEXICO do I get San Francisco? not that it isn't a beautiful city... one of my faves. Lived there for 3 years... does Plinky know something I don't?


When I realized I was a grown-up

I'm an adult??? crap when did that happen??? Well it explains why all the bills are in my name


My road-trip mix tape

couldn't be a very long road trip with only 3 songs

In defense of my vice:

Why aren't my vices more interesting? Then again is boring better?

Coffee, and I won't although I do tend to try and cut down every so often, that and collecting stuff. I collect too much stuff... maybe thats actually my worst vice, yeah collecting stuff... or scotch I do like scotch... sad really my vices are so banal.

I did quit smoking years ago I guess kinda gives me a free pass on vices ;)

My first job: food service

Why you should TIP your server

I worked in a diner in a small town and swore never ever to work as a waitress again.I've managed to keep that promise. Possibly the hardest job Ive ever had with the least amount of perks


ou can see individual ones here if you really fell like checking them out


This is a project I started last year , but finished ( mostly) working on them today. Next I need to create a story about each girl.If you have any ideas about names etc feel free to leave a comment .:D

they are bound for ESTY soon


She is kind of my homage to Lyllionia :D although with my twist

I have a little dress for her now. I still need to paint her stockings and some other details, and clean up the hair line and put a sealer on her .
She stands approx 8-10 inches tall.

If anyone has interest in any of my OOAK altered art dolls please feel free to email me.


emmy for trade 028

emmy for trade 028
Originally uploaded by wickeddollz
You can find more information HERE TIB or feel free to flcikr mail me

I am looking for a Lyllionia + in trade for her.
OK so I'm now obsessed with Lyllionia 8" tall doll with vinyl head and soft body

Emmy, with dress and cute little replacement shoes, no hat, eye work, cleaned up, hair is pretty good but not perfect.

Please feel free to ask any questions!


birthday art party the: arteests

My daughter had an art party this year.We set up the long table and I gave a short "lesson" then let them have fun. We used acrylics and made sure to have them all dry before the end of the party.

I got the frames for them so everyone took home their original art. It was so much fun