bat girl for Bat Daddy (batman63)

doodled this out at work today inspired by the Bat Daddy (batman63's. )Need to finish it up but I'm happy with it so far!


Wicked Witch of the east OZ altered art doll

see the wicked witch appear in less than 3 mins!


Where procrastination leads

Just more frippery as I stood in the ruin of my living/dining room after search for stuff for tax time. This again is just a joke for friends who know me , and know how LD I can be.


Sheila "Squiddy" Ms Squidderson EBSQ "Squid show entry"

Media: mixed media photoshop
Dimensions: 7 x10
Date of Work: 2009

Squid Girl (Shelia "Squiddy" Mc Squiderson) is mt fantasy creature who swims in the ocean of my brain. She seems a little annoyed today, who knows why she's quite changeable , much like the sea.

This is a combination of my sketch modified in photoshop with an added collage element of "Goldie" the gold fish>What HE's doing in the OCEAN is again just "because". I take no responsibility for the characters who live in my head. credit where credit is due: gold fish from phantompanther-stock.deviantart.com/ thank you


asian kawaii NFAC entry EBAY tonight @ 7pm est

asian kawaii NFAC entry
Originally uploaded by wickeddollz
This is one in my series of Blythe portraits. I chose this image for this months Nibblefest "Asian Inspired" for two reasons
1) I love the whole Kawaii cute moment in the low brow kitsch art world
2) becuase Asian Butterfly was my first Blythe I collected, and will always adore her best of all.

WHY is there a duck in the painting??? Well why not? I like ducks and everyone needs a friend to share the spring cherry blossoms with.Besides ducks don't talk back and they are nice and yellow.

painted on wrapped canvas with the sides painted black there is no need to frame this piece. It's smaller size makes it perfect to display in an apartment, or if your like me on a wall already covered with great art! There's always room for Jello.... and great paintings!
This is my entry in the Nibblefest Art Contest, a themed art contest beginning on the 20th of each month. Please be sure to search for NFAC to see more great entries, each starting at just 99¢. Thanks!


day of the dead altered art doll

new piece for the dime store dollies project.
Feel free to drop me a comment on what ya think!


collage for steampunk show on ebsq

Portraits of Artists from Archives Of American Art, Smithsonian Institution
A WIP for the Steam Punk show on EBSQ

credit where credit id due
Thanks for the stock images from the people on Deviant art below.

beetle from racehorse87-stock
key from ~strwberrystk
bee =Wu-KillahD
wiring from ~brujo
butterfly from ~kayne-stock

child photo from: Portraits of Artists from Archives Of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

original image taken from the commons


I wish I could get a new location, location, location

I am not a suburban house wife...I am a woman who ended up living in the hell of suburbia.

My favorite line from 'Monty Python the Holy Grail'

"That rabbit's dynamite!!!"

steampunk WIP 2 I'm in Love with a Clockworks Girl

2nd sketch working on adding some colour in photoshop..lots let to do, not sure I actually do decent work in Photoshop.
I may transfer with my light board then hand colour it with prismacolor pencils...still deciding.


Exciting night in the ER

Yesterday it rained all day so the kids had indoor recess every time. Which mean they were nuts! Grier was trying to find a quiet spot to read her book and ended up at the end of the hall. Somehow the fire doors which are always suppose to be open had been closed and while Grier was sitting reading a large kid came running through them and smashed her in the temple with the door. OK so she shook that off and kept going with her day, but her head kept getting worse ( apparently I was working at the school, but she never came to tell me about this) then later in the day she got wobbly and tripped over someone and fell and hit her head a second time. So by 3:30 when she came to find me for home time, she was grey, nauseated, and crying.

At first I thought she was just feeling crappy with a head ache, and we walked home. We even stopped for the Friday treat at the store. She came home sat on the couch with her ice cream, and then asked could I store it in the fridge for her. Five mins later she was asking me to sit with her. I gave her an ice pack, but it wasn't helping. She started really crying and saying she was going to be sick, then went quiet saying her whole left side felt "hollow". OK so now I'm officially scared, of course Paul isn't home I have no money for a cab, and the ER is about 15 mins away. I start calling all my friends, but no one is home! Finally I get a friend at home and she comes and grabs us and we go off to the ER.

AT the ER the nurses look a t her and we get bumped through triage really quickly and right into and examination room in a section I have never been in before. Not the usual waiting rooms where you sit on the cold paper for another 20 mins till the DR can see you. She was striped down, put on all the monitors and oxygen right away. She was able to answer all the nurses’ questions so, things got calmer as the O2 seemed to perk her up a bit, and she started to get some colour back in her.

NOW she is the drama Queen of the Western World!!!! This makes me insane! , and makes it hard to really figure out what’s going on. The Dr examined her and she complained about everything LOL. He was great with her and at one point looked at me, and I just tried not laugh about the overacting. When he finished he asked if there was anything I needed to tell him, so we went in the hall and I explained that yes she was overacting, but really had been terribly grey etc. He was really sweet and said yeah it happens with kids, he still wanted her to have the head CT and some blood work because she did look very sick and maybe something else was going on to make her dizzy. She had also been complaining about her knee hurting so we had to have an X-ray for that too.

Everything turned out fine, but he was concerned that she DID have a minor head trauma, and possibly a concussion so we absolutely did the right thing bringing her in. (THANK GOODNESS!! I always worry they think I'm an overprotective mom and wasting the time and money of the healthcare system! Fortunately the nurses kept reassuring me I should have been worried by how she looked when she came in) So the little pumpkin head came home got some kids Tylenol and slept in the big bed with mom and dad just in case anything happened in the night.

so that’s my long story. Thanks for letting me vent it out!


DOLL REROOT Tutorial /02/23/09 9PM EST

a doll re rooting tutorial on EBSQ LIVE tonight at 9:00pm est


Why I gave up on "Lord of the Rings"

becuase it was possibly the most boring thing on the planet.

Watch ""Igor" " next time you're home sick

Just watched this with 2 sick kids. Thye loved it & I didn't want to put my eyes out with a fork. I love Eddie Izzard


The Love/Avon Army of Women is a revolutionary initiative that will change the face of breast cancer research.

The Love/Avon Army of Women is a revolutionary initiative that will change the face of breast cancer research.

The Army of Women is dedicated to representing all women in research so that the research results will apply to all women. This means we need you to help us recruit women of all ages, ethnicities, sizes, and shapes. We need women who have had breast cancer and women who have not. We need African American women, Asian women, Caucasian women, and Latinas of every age and lifestyle to be involved.

You can do your part to help us spread the word about the Army of Women and reach our goal of one million women.

New Sketches for new Ideas

Been working up some sketches in the last little while. Ideas for wierd and strange characters who tend to appear to me out of now where. Feel free to comment on anything you like or dislike!

Sketch Vooddoo doll

Sketch Vooddoo Nurse

Sketch Vooddoo boy

Sketch Vampire

Sketch Hatter

Sketch 2 heads are better than one

join me on a journey of health and fitness

Come on and join me on a journey of health and fitness in my fitness blog http://noellehunt.blogspot.com/ !


Cool eh? I nearly missed this in my email.


If I could tame a wild animal

A monkey... who couldn't answer an monkey. Although I suppose the poo throwing could be a problem.

Maybe just Sea Monkeys then? But only if they look like the package!

I recommend checking out Day f the Dead festivals Sugar Skulls what could be better??? when you're in Mexico

OK why when I type in MEXICO do I get San Francisco? not that it isn't a beautiful city... one of my faves. Lived there for 3 years... does Plinky know something I don't?


When I realized I was a grown-up

I'm an adult??? crap when did that happen??? Well it explains why all the bills are in my name


My road-trip mix tape

couldn't be a very long road trip with only 3 songs

In defense of my vice:

Why aren't my vices more interesting? Then again is boring better?

Coffee, and I won't although I do tend to try and cut down every so often, that and collecting stuff. I collect too much stuff... maybe thats actually my worst vice, yeah collecting stuff... or scotch I do like scotch... sad really my vices are so banal.

I did quit smoking years ago I guess kinda gives me a free pass on vices ;)

My first job: food service

Why you should TIP your server

I worked in a diner in a small town and swore never ever to work as a waitress again.I've managed to keep that promise. Possibly the hardest job Ive ever had with the least amount of perks


ou can see individual ones here if you really fell like checking them out


This is a project I started last year , but finished ( mostly) working on them today. Next I need to create a story about each girl.If you have any ideas about names etc feel free to leave a comment .:D

they are bound for ESTY soon


She is kind of my homage to Lyllionia :D although with my twist

I have a little dress for her now. I still need to paint her stockings and some other details, and clean up the hair line and put a sealer on her .
She stands approx 8-10 inches tall.

If anyone has interest in any of my OOAK altered art dolls please feel free to email me.


emmy for trade 028

emmy for trade 028
Originally uploaded by wickeddollz
You can find more information HERE TIB or feel free to flcikr mail me

I am looking for a Lyllionia + in trade for her.
OK so I'm now obsessed with Lyllionia 8" tall doll with vinyl head and soft body

Emmy, with dress and cute little replacement shoes, no hat, eye work, cleaned up, hair is pretty good but not perfect.

Please feel free to ask any questions!


birthday art party the: arteests

My daughter had an art party this year.We set up the long table and I gave a short "lesson" then let them have fun. We used acrylics and made sure to have them all dry before the end of the party.

I got the frames for them so everyone took home their original art. It was so much fun