alice in wonderland sketches 003

some sketches I was working on today while at the jobby job, mostly Alice in Wonderland related, not exactly sure where I'm going with them though.
My Liddle "Munsters" Kiddle kreation is back again to say Happy Halloween everyone! Make sure to give out good treats to the little Boils & Ghouls who come by tonite!


Another Tresaury

Another Tresaury
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Yeah another treasury I'm in what a nice thing to wake up to?
You can find the Treasury here: It's my birthday in a parallel Universe" unitll Nov 1st
Lots of great art in this one too!
The thing that makes me insane is the morning wait for the "phone call" . The call itself is what makes me insane. I HATE the phone ringing and the fact that it goes off between 6 - 7 am while it's still dark makes it worse. I'm the only one awake, so I feel like I have to catch it quick.It's right here beside me but it still causes me anxiety. I have Q107 playing on the computer so I don't feel completely alone.Yet still somehow my heart starts to race after 6:00am, waiting for that SOUND.

Ah yes another Phobia in the wonderful wacky world of my brain.

Urban Legend


found these great kitschy frames for my 8 x 10's


:D my creepy zombie girl made it as AOTD
yeah, she was my entry in a Halloween doll art contest. You should go look at all the entries, look around the site
alice through the looking glass WIP

this is a drawing I've had roughed out on illustration board for about a year now. Decided I needed to work on it. Not sure how much time I have considering all the things that I should be getting done, but at least I can bring it to the jobby job.


Heidie created a great Treasury on Etsy featuring all the various styles seen on EBSQ . it's pretty amazing the variety of art we get there. Please pop on by and check the treasury out!

Get your Head On Right


So Cafepress allows you to make as many "free" stores as you want, the only draw back is you have to have only one image per product.
So I have created Stores for each Image I wanted to share. ( with the exception of wickeddollz which has a selection of stuff)

The link for each image is above the picture :D
















clementines bed room 011
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working on the doll house I found in the garbage, it's turning into something fun. Clementine, my petit blythe seems pretty happy there right now.


New Website
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I found a web space for free flash websites...well I'm ALL ABOUT THE FREE, although I do pay when I find something I truly enjoy or find useful. I have looked at other "Free Flash" sites, and most of them seem pretty lame. WIX however is pretty cool.There is a lot of lag at times, but I think that may work itself out. or it could be my connection. So that being said I am recommending it if your looking to create a slick flash site. Although I would always keep a basic HTML site available for people who don't want flash.
SO here si my Falshy Flash site, it's still in a beta condition, but feel free to pop by and post a comment here.



New Alice in Wonderland painting now up on ETSY

Alice in wonderland is one of my Muses, and image I always come back to.There is something about her slightly puzzled presence that makes me smile. This is my latest in a whole series of Alice Portraits. This is an original painting & graphite mixed media piece NOT a print.


apple for the teacher

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Off to work in the school today... no painting makes me sad