My Futures So Bright ?

Last year was deathy death year, my brother in law ,my estranged father & my almost 100 year old grand father..one too young, one who I never saw or talked to and one who was expected...still it's all death no matter how ya slice it. 

Maybe I was dulled to it all because there was so much , and my brother in law's was so horrible, or maybe because I was dealing with my own illness and treatment, but I never thought that much about my own death in all of this.

and then...

 I received some money from my father's estate, I wasn't expecting to , but it was nice, and allowed me to invest some for the future. I've been like a good person socking away money for retirement, which is at 65 here.

Thats when it hit me, I may, or may not be here in 15 years. I mean yes breast cancer treatment is getting better & better , and yes I am doing everything I can... but still... I cant even say I'm cancer free for 5 years. 

15 years is a long time... making decisions with money as I always have  just reminded me all my plans for the future might be null and void. I KNOW I KNOW... but it's hard not to at least prepare yourself for that possible outcome.

 I mean I know none of us get out of this game alive, but I do keep thinking about how  I have prepared for a future that may never come.


Happy Birthday Norman Reedus !!!

Because everyone deserves a birthday greeting :) Tiny Daryl Dixon needed to make a video for Norman reedus