No idea whats going on , but my website has disappeared.
I have a paid account with Lycos/angelfire, and it's simply gone. I can log into help but not into angelfire at all. I'm trying to redirdirect my url to a free site I have elsewhere but man I spent a lot of time on that site :( ALSO I PAY for it.

There is an announcement that debit/credit cards got hacked somewhere, they say not them. But I pay through paypal. so whats the deal?

I hate this.

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Beverly Kaye Gallery said...

I understand completely and hope your site is restored. AOL (who I also pay!) deleted 400 images from my site and said they warned me a month earlier. They did not. I got a two week warning to hire someone to redo the entire site, Nor did they properly warn thousands of others who used their service to post art, family photos, etc. AOL wins the title of Scrooge hands down this year.
Happy Holidays!