bat girl for Bat Daddy (batman63)

doodled this out at work today inspired by the Bat Daddy (batman63's. )Need to finish it up but I'm happy with it so far!


ArtPrintsEtc.com said...

I like it. Very similar to pastel drawings I create Pastel Drawings, but different. Very nice.

olivia said...

Finally there’s art for the Goth with humor. I grinned as I checked out your site, what fun! The little cupcake logo with bat wings is a hoot. N Hunt, you are the original lowbrow and I bow to your unique tongue- in- cheek humor. What exactly is the outsider gothic world? Do you have to be a Twilight character in the morose throws of romantic angst to be inside? Are all women really doll loving corset wearing freaks under the skin? Of course, they’ll never admit it. Very few females will admit they wanted to be Elvira when they grew up. As for ranting, it’s good to rant. It makes fresh ideas to fuel your art. It’s a great idea to start a website to sell your art collection online . I don’t think art dealers are beating a path to your door. Hey, it’s their loss. They need to learn to laugh at themselves a little. You most definitely have your own market. You could start an emo line next, those are Goth wannabes with extreme anemia.