Remember in high school when people would just hand you a mixed tape? Half the music was recorded off the radio with a snippet of commercial still there LOL!I found some of my fave bands that way and shared some things other people would never have listen with out me. I bought more albums from hearing one or two songs off a mixed tape than any advertisements ever made me buy.

wanna save the music industry share good music! ( support living artists, because the dead ones...and the record companies don't need the cash)

I loved making , and still do love making "tapes" for people mood music or just car tunes to play loud.

(usually I sling em on a usb key now, but I love it when I can find an old cassette case and make cover art for it pop the key in there)

 I need suggestions for new music to listen to. :) come on people you know you wanna share all your favourite musics. I am a bass head, I like almost everything ( no RUSH please :P Poor hubby) from Abba to Skrillex  gimme your best shot!

If you make me a play list I'll make one for you!
( we can just exchange the lists or I can post them here for people no need to mail stuff around the planet)

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