SO yeah haven't updated in a while...

so yeah..

 1st off this happened ...which sucked

Douchebaggery with auctions & stuff

I will probably re-list the auction this week , if I get the chance.

2nd I hit my mid way point on Chemo Treatments ...so YAY! only 3 more to go!

3rd got hit with the information that my Radiation treatment will be 6 weeks long, EVERYDAY (except weekends) which kinda hit me like a ton of bricks... its about an hour for me to drive there and and hour back. So now I need to look into rides to and from. oh and theres a cornucopia of side effects for that too... but hey... I'm getting good at negotiating them.
AND I get at least two tiny tattoos out of it... which may or may not convince me to get my tattoo at the end of all of this.

4th they had another summit on my situation with the lymph nodes. Neither of my Oncologists were involved in the original hospital wide summit so they wanted to know why the decision had been made and to voice their opinion. So the new decision is that the Cost is more than the Benefit of removing all the lymph nodes... I fall in this really weird voer 40 but not menopausal group there have been numerous new studies on...so the standard of care has changed. So yay no more surgery, no drain in my arm for 33-6 weeks, lower chance of lymphodemia  ... but

you knew there'd be one didn't you?

There are no blood tests that can be done for breast cancer, yearly mammograms are standard of treatment, they don't do yearly CT Scans or anything like that because they don't show up anything significant, and probably aren't good for you that often. So basically one now lives with the sword of Damocles over ones head for the next 5-10 years.... because

and you knew this was coming didn't you

IF breast cancer comes back somewhere else (metastasized) you are pretty much fucked. 
They can control it , and manage it... but yeah your cure rate drops.  sooo..fun times

SO I don't want to end on a down note!! No surgery seems the best option, and as a painter it was 
worrying to up the risk of not having use of that hand! My other meds seem to be helping with side effects
although depression has been an issues.
People love me and are sending me things that make me happy

Tiny Daryl Dixon still comes to Chemo with me... the nurses look a little funny at me but the hubby actually said "Wheres TDD, you did bring him right?" and pulled him out of my bag for me. The Hubby loves me   He also shows me pictures of my tiny new nephew he knows to distract me

things are getting better
now if Norman would just follow me back it's
@wickeddollz I'm like the easiest person to stalk on the web :P


Feaky Snucker said...
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Feaky Snucker said...

Oh it's a new nephew! When you said people were sending you things that made you feel better I was like, wow! A baby! The gift that keeps on pooping!

<3 *hugs*

wicked said...

heh yeah organizing the images got funky like me

Feaky Snucker said...

No, I was deliberately choosing to see it as someone sent you a babeh. <3