Wholly Chit Norman Reedus tweeted one of my caner videos... and thanks.

well that was interesting....

Norman Reedus tweeted my video about Chemo out to the net

Thanks Norman it was appreciated!  ( even if you still don't follow me... snerk)

to show my appreciation to all the lovelies who then took the time to say "(((HUGS))" or "FUCKCANCER" or nice hair ( It's almost gone btw)  I have decided to participate in Nibblefest this month.

Nibblefest is a monthly themed art contest. Contests run from the 20th to the 27th of every month. All artwork is listed on eBay.com at 99¢ no reserve!

( my ebay is  wicked_dollz )

 the "theme" this month was FANTASY...and well between the zombies, and the fact I know ya'll are a little perverted ( in a good way) I figured Daryl Dixon was as good a fantasy as any ;).
I wanted to do this as a little "Thank You" for all the luvs. I really cant see me making many more Tiny Daryl Dixons atm, he kinda work intensive. So I'm going to do a quick mixed media 
(here's the preliminary)

 I will add images as it progresses.

I'll post here and on twitter when the auction begins. I'm not keeping any of the proceeds, the money raised by this auction will go to the Canadian Cancer Society.
 SUPPORT LIVING ARTISTS ... BECUASE THE DEAD ONES DON'T NEED THE CASH So again thank you and stay posted for more information. 
you can follow me on twitter  if you are so inclined @wickeddollz

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Amanda Makepeace said...

Norman Reedus tweeted your video!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry. I'm having a fit. Your Nibblefest entry is looking fab so far. *hugs*